Rehearsals of Biljana Srbljanović's Play “Death Is Not a Bicycle (To Be Stolen from You)” Directed by Andrej Nosov Have Started

14 May 2024

Rehearsals of the play “Death Is Not a Bicycle (To Be Stolen from You)”, written by Biljana Srbljanović and directed by Andrej Nosov, have started at the National Theatre in Belgrade.

The premiere is planned for June 26 at the “Raša Plaović” Stage, as part of the Main Programme of the 32nd “BELEF” - Belgrade Summer Festival.

The artistic team of the new theatrical production consists of dramaturge Đorđe Kosić, set designer Zorana Petrov, costume designers Marija Marković Milojev and Petra Fotez, composer Draško Adžić, as well as Marija Milenković (stage speech) and the cast members are Branko Vidaković, Vanja Ejdus, Nenad Stojmenović, Petar Strugar, Nina Nešković, Miloš Đorđević, Dragana Varagić and Suzana Lukić.

This will be the first time that a play by Biljana Srbljanović, a contemporary Serbian and European playwright, will be staged at the National Theatre in Belgrade.

In the drama “Death Is Not a Bicycle (To Be Stolen from You)”, which premiered in 2011, the author reanalyses what it is that eternally causes conflicts in the generations of parents and children, and she also addresses the issues of how growing up can be painful and can sometimes last until old age and how death brings, apart from understandable sorrow, also a strange kind of calmness.

Through three different stories, three different perspectives, it talks about the wider social picture, but also about the intimate and family reality within it – as both of them share the scarcity of interpersonal contact and tenderness.